Founded 1933 by Harold R. Williams, the company began its existence as Fusion Engineering Company. Its first products were paste brazing and soldering alloys-carefully blended formulations of atomized filler metal, solder flux, and special paste binders.

In the early 1950’s, Fusion scored another industry “first”, introducing the automatic paste applicator as a precise method of dispensing solder and brazing alloys onto components being joined. The appeal of Fusion products increased substantially with this step toward a complete assembly “system”. This trend continued in 1959 as Fusion’s Machine Division was born, making possible the design and manufacture of custom machines which automatically moved fixtured parts through precise paste alloy application, heating and cooling operations. Fusion machines were installed in plants throughout the United States, primarily in the thriving automotive industry.

Over the years, Fusion branched out into designing and building non-brazing machines. The Fusion Systems Group was formed in response to the demand for other types of custom automation systems -even applications outside metalworking industries. We now build many types of machines – simple or complex – engineered to your specifications and part rate requirements.

From concept to installation, Fusion Systems Group accepts Total Responsibility for all aspects of your project. We welcome the opportunity to solve your manufacturing process problems. Contact us today for a quotation on your next machine or automation project.