Optimize your assembly process

Whether your assembly process involves a single operation production line or an entire stand-alone system, the right assembly system can dramatically enhance your operation. Installing a new assembly machine does not have to be a costly and complicated update. Fusion Systems Group develops assembly machines to address specific needs and meet precise requirements.

Assembly machines deliver measurable benefits

FSG assembly machines are an investment in your operational success that pays out serious returns. Our assembly machines provide a host of advantages:

  • Increased productivity
  • Consistent high production speeds
  • Decreased downtime
  • Enhanced quality of finished products

Assembly solutions designed to meet your needs

The implementation of your assembly solution should begin with a careful analysis of your products and processes. Your assembly machines should achieve the level of precision and accuracy you need to optimize your operation. The FSG approach involves pairing our assembly machines with the right component-feeding systems and test stations to deliver a complete production solution.

Comprehensive management of automated systems

The FSG team manages the success of our assembly machines throughout their life cycle, from start to implementation:

  • Concept defining
  • Product analysis, consultation, and electrical/mechanical design
  • Manufacturing installation, testing and training
  • Maintenance and upgrades

Call 1-800-626-9501 to speak with an FSG sales engineer about assembly machines.

  • Robotic Cover Assembly System

    Robotic Cover Assembly System

    1200 parts per hour
    Foam gaskets glued to Styrofoam covers.
    Robotic Faucet Cover Assembly System Video
    Application data (pdf)

  • Grinding & Assembly Machine

    Grinding & Assembly Machine

    240 parts per hour
    Grinding & Assembly Machine finishes the edges on the Speedy Sharp universal sharpener. Plastic handle is also drilled and inserted onto the tool.
    Grinding & Assembly Machine Video
    Application data (pdf)

  • Garden Tool Assembly Machine

    Garden Tool Assembly Machine

    Garden tool assembly machine nails garden tool heads and installs grips onto handles. The handles are then labeled with the customer’s logo.

  • Diaper Assembly Machine

    Diaper Assembly Machine

    Baby diaper machine assembles baby diaper components into the final product. Multiple machines were manufactured for the customer helping them reach their full production requirements.

  • Auto Feed & Load Machine
  • 6-Station Electrical Outlet Riveting Machine

    6-Station Electrical Outlet Riveting Machine

    400 parts per hour
    Machine rivets components and auto ejects the outlet assembly.

  • Machine with Induction Heating

    Machine with Induction Heating

    Uses an induction unit to heat a metal ring which expands for assembly onto a shaft. Machine presses components together and cools assembly.

  • Machine with Induction Heating

    Machine with Induction Heating

    Close-up of machine. For image of entire machine, please see above thumbnail.