Our experience and understanding of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) enables us to design and manufacture many types of production fixtures and gages. We use 3D design tools coupled with CMM measurement equipment to ensure our production fixtures and production gages meet your needs and expectations.

We design and manufacture Check Fixtures for simultaneously checking the following features:

  • Hole Sizes
  • Assembly Orientation
  • Length Tolerances
  • Width Tolerances
  • Hole Locations
  • Assembly Tolerances
  • Bend Radius
  • Height Tolerances
  • Hole Depths
  • Bracket Locations
  • Plane Confirmation
  • Profiling

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Note that we also design and manufacture many other types of fixtures, including:

  • Fixtures & Gages
  • Romer Series 3000i Coordinate Measuring Machine

    Romer Series 3000i Coordinate Measuring