Maximize your welding operation

Are you looking for a way to optimize your welding process with increased efficiency, improved finished product quality, and increased profits? If you have thought about updating your process with automated welding machines but were afraid of the cost and complications, now is the time to consider an upgrade with Fusion Systems Group.

Automated welding machines offer a host of advantages

FSG custom welding machines represent an investment in your operational success that pays dividends toward your bottom line. Our custom automated welding machines deliver powerful performance benefits:

  • Continuous welding to end of seam
  • Consistent high production speeds
  • Excellent results for operators of all experience levels
  • Stronger welding to retain liquids under pressure

Customized welding solutions to suit different needs

Off-the-shelf solutions will not deliver results or optimize your operations the way customized equipment can. The FSG expert engineering team has extensive experience in developing affordable custom automated welding solutions that specifically meet customer needs. Not only will we design and build the right automated welding solution for you, we will provide the installation and programming assistance you need to get your solution up and running.

Semi-automatic and fully automatic welding options

Part of our process in evaluating your requirements includes determining whether a semi-automatic or fully automated welding machine is more appropriate for your specific needs.

  • In semi-automatic welding, the operator manually loads the parts into the welding fixture. The weld controller guides the motion of the torch, aligns parts to specification, completes the weld and repeats.
  • In fully automatic welding, custom machinery loads the workpiece, guides the part or torch into position, completes the weld, scrutinizes joint quality and unloads the finished product.

Call 1-800-626-9501 to speak with an FSG sales engineer about designing a custom automated welding machine.