Achieve complex welds with consistent repeatability

Also known as resistance welding, spot welding is a thermo-electric process in which metal parts are fused, as an electrical current heats the adjoining surfaces. Spot welding is performed in controlled time, and under controlled pressure. Fusion Systems Group has extensive experience in spot welding and is capable and equipped to develop spot welding machines to meet your application needs.

Seamless integration and optimal results

Trust FSG to choose robotic components that integrate seamlessly and produce superior spot welding results. Spot welding machines from FSG are extremely versatile, and capable of coordinating a series of custom fixtures for multiple weld applications in one machine.

Customized spot welding solutions

Standard solutions do not always deliver the results or optimize your operations as well as you require. Custom spot welding machines offer the measurable advantages you need in a cost-efficient solution:

  • Process is quick and easy
  • No need to use any fluxes or filler metal
  • No dangerous open flame
  • Does not require any special skill
  • Automated machines can spot weld in factories to speed up production
  • Can be used to join many different metals
  • Sheets as thin as 1/4 inch can be spot welded
  • Multiple sheets may be joined together at the same time

The FSG expert engineering team has extensive experience in developing affordable custom spot welding solutions that meet specific customer needs. Not only will we design and build the right spot welding solution for you, we follow up with installation and programming assistance to get your system up and running.

Use our online form to describe your needs or call 1-800-626-9501 to speak with an FSG sales engineer about designing your custom spot welding machines.