Only after a thorough analysis of your project requirements will FSG recommend a suitable machine concept. Then, based on your input, the machine details are finalized. We employ only degreed engineers that specialize in applying years of electrical and mechanical experience to a variety of industries. We utilize SolidWorks® solid modeling software which allows us to clearly communicate our machine concepts. Gantt charts are used to track progress and keep you updated on project status. Before machine assembly begins, the system is 100% engineered. Fully archived documentation is maintained throughout design, build and installation.

FSG engineers commonly use Allen Bradley software platforms, however General Electric, Mitsubishi, Siemens, and others can be specified. We will honor any preference to keep the new machine compatible with existing plant machinery.

When practical, we can also integrate vision inspection into the machine design. Common vision functions include part presence, defects, orientation, and color identification.

Safety features are built into our machines, and can include light curtains, safety mats, two-hand safeties, zero-force start buttons, laser scanners, RF guarding systems, safety controllers, mechanical interlocks, and collision sensing.

Each automated system is designed to automate repetitive operations. Whether fully or semi-automated, FSG machines are built to be both robust yet simple to minimize the costs of maintenance, downtime, and operator training. Our customers can rely on us to deliver their automation system on time, and perform to their expectations.