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Inline Pallet Brazing Machine

Inline Pallet Brazing and Soldering Machine
Inline Pallet Brazing and Soldering Machine

Inline Pallet Brazing Machine

375 parts per hour

An inline processing brazing and soldering machine for brazing two tubes to an aluminum condenser. A robot is integrated to load and unload aluminum condenser cores. Independent fixture carts move parts between stations for various operations, allowing different cycle times at each station. A laser was integrated to measure tube locations, passing position information to subsequent stations.

Sequence of Operation:
  • Station 1: Load Tubes
  • Station 2: Applicate Braze Paste/Measure Tube Positions
  • Station 3: Robotic Heat Manifold
  • Station 4: Robotic Heat Manifold
  • Station 5: Robotic Heat Manifold
  • Station 6: Air Cooling
  • Station 7: Air Cooling
  • Station 8: Robotic Unloading
  • Station 9: Robotic Loading
  • Station 10: Holding Station




Fusion Systems Group is a division of Fusion Incorporated, which manufactures brazing/soldering alloys, dispensers, and machines.



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