Inline Pallet Brazing Machine
375 parts per hourAn inline processing brazing and soldering machine for brazing two tubes to an aluminum condenser. A robot is integrated to load and unload aluminum condenser cores. Independent fixture carts move parts between stations for various operations, allowing different cycle times at each station. A laser was integrated to measure tube locations, passing position information to subsequent stations.

Station 1: Load Tubes
Station 2: Applicate Braze Paste/Measure Tube Positions
Station 3: Robotic Heat Manifold
Station 4: Robotic Heat Manifold
Station 5: Robotic Heat Manifold
Station 6: Air Cooling
Station 7: Air Cooling
Station 8: Robotic Unloading
Station 9: Robotic Loading
Station 10: Holding Station

  • Inline Pallet Brazing Machine
  • Inline Pallet Brazing Machine