Cartridge filling machines provide cost-saving efficiency

Are you wondering if there is a better way than purchasing materials in small cartridges, storing the cartridges in-house, and dispensing them before they cure? Cartridge filling machines from Fusion Systems Group, allow your business to buy materials in bulk and dispense them as needed.

Rapid filling of multiple materials

Many applications require multiple materials to be released in rapid succession at a precise time, from separate chambers. Cartridge filling machines from FSG are equipped with a disposable fluid path that is easy to replace for rapid material changeover.

Cartridge filling machines to suit a variety of needs

Off-the-shelf equipment will not deliver results or optimize your operations the way customized machines can. Our cartridge filling machines feature high viscosity metering valves to accurately and consistently dose adhesives, sealants, greases, pastes and putties in varying viscosities.

Benefits of cartridge filling machines include:

  • Consistent fill weights
  • Easy set-up, cleanup, and maintenance
  • Repeat fill accuracy
  • Easy operation
  • Simple setup and cleanup

The FSG expert engineering team has extensive experience in developing affordable and dependable cartridge filling machines that meet specific customer needs. In addition to designing and building the right cartridge filling solution for you, we will provide the installation and programming assistance you need to get your solution up and running.

Use our online form to describe your needs or call 1-800-626-9501 to speak with an FSG sales engineer about cartridge filling machines.